The Drummer from Fall Out Boy Has a Rogue Rig on the Tour Bus

Andy Hurley is the drummer from Fall Out Boy, but he’s also super into CrossFit. The band is currently on a huge international tour, and to make sure he doesn’t miss a training session he has the rig decked out with a bunch of Rogue equipment and enough Kill Cliff to fill a queen-sized water bed!

To catch Andy on tour, hit up the Fall Out Boy Web site, and while you’re at it, follow him on Instagram @HurleyXVX.

Here’s a podcast interview where Andy talks all about how he got into CrossFit, his backyard affiliate, and who he was rooting for at the 2015 CrossFit Games.

Don't think I have enough @killcliff to last this tour! Send help. @roguefitness #ryourogue

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Thank you @roguefitness for making my tour dreams come true! Smolov Jr, here I come! #ryourogue

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@hurleyxvx stopped by Rogue HQ today! #ryourogue

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