“This is my calling…” Barbells for Boobs & CrossFit HQ Presents: Max’s Story

Throughout the CrossFit community there are countless incredible stories, and this is one of them… Big props to Max for being so vulnerable, putting himself out there, and letting others learn from his story.

“’I felt like my purpose was to save people… I could save people on a daily level by educating them, by motivating them and moving them in the right direction.’ – Max Mormont

The values we represent at Barbells for Boobs, are what Max represents in his everyday life. He empowers, he connects, and he uplifts individuals every single day. As a Barbells for Boobs Pro Advocate, Max rallies behind our organization and our mission. As an athlete, he puts it all on the line to achieve maximum results. As a coach, he pushes his competitors to pursue their personal best. As a husband, he is loyal to loving his wife. Above all, Max is always dedicated to the program.

‘I’ve been a coach now for 14 years and don’t see myself doing anything else. This is my calling.’ – Max Mormont
Max is a phenomenal man known for his perseverance, triumph and passion. We are proud to share Max’s story with you. We hope that after watching, you will be compelled to share this message with others. Help us change the world with his story.”

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Fat Tony

Editor, Co-Founder

Fat Tony lives in Long Beach, CA and has been training at CrossFit Long Beach since 2013. Fat is a professional photographer and video producer having worked for companies such as PurePharma, NPGL, MET-Rx, ECC, Red Bull, and ESPN.

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