Unofficial: Josh Bridges and Emily Bridgers Win the CrossFit Open Workout 16.1 (Edit: It’s official!)

It’s about 8pm PST on Monday as we are typing this, and right now the CrossFit Open Leaderboard says that Emily Bridgers clocked 354 reps and Josh Bridges scored 365 reps to win the 16.1 workout. We will keep the site updated as videos and other news rolls in thought the week…

With his score of 365, that means Josh did 14 full rounds, plus got another 5 feet of lunges. That puts Josh’s rounds at around 85 seconds per round. Fucking hell!

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Here are a few other noteworthy names and scores that a lot of people are no doubt wondering about…
Rich Froning – 320 reps (tied for 52nd place)
Scott Panchik – 320 reps (tied for 52nd place)
Mat Fraser – 324 reps (tied for 36th place)

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