Virus Releases New Weightlifting Singlet Just in Time for the Arnolds

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VIRUS Unveils All New Weightlifting Singlet at the Arnolds

2016 Huntington Beach, CA MARCH 2016 – March 4th, – VIRUS Performance will announce the latest version of their widely used and highly regarded ELEVATE weightlifting singlet during the Arnold Fitness Expo in Columbus Ohio March 4th-6th. In closed format for industry leaders, media and top athletes, – VIRUS intends to showcase and present the all new ELEVATE singlet.

Initially launched in February 2015, the much acclaimed ELEVATE weightlifting singlet has topped podiums from American Open and Senior Nationals to powerlifting and weightlifting meets in the US and internationally. Top US weightlifters such as Colin Burns, Morghan King, Donavan Ford– have tested and competed at the top levels thorough the 2015-2016 season using the ELEVATE singlet.

This much-anticipated new release promises big gains in performance. The vertical stretch has greatly improved with increased 4-way stretch fabrics in key zones for optimal range of motion. All new durable quad and shoulder panels have been reengineered to withstand heavy barbell movements. The mixed use of VIRUS Cool Jade fabric and Bioceramic have added both the benefits of cooling and increased muscle performance where needed. Improved moisture wicking system keeps athletes dry and comfortable. Visual design updates include two-tone front and side panels made for easily adding customization combined with reflective metallic accents.

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Founded in 2010, VIRUS uses the most advance fabric technology to create athletic apparel that elevates athletic ability to the highest potential. Using the earth’s natural resources, VIRUS created fabrics that provide ultimate cooling, warming, and recovery benefits. Paired with an innovative anatomical design, compression technology, and revolutionary comfort and feel, one can have the confidence of knowing that they are wearing the best athletic apparel to support their passion.

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