When Football Doesn’t Pan Out, Start Lifting…Fast! – Nick Urankar’s Grid Profile

In NPGL’s newest Grid profile Nick Urankar of the Miami Surge talks about his previous ambitions to be a professional football player, his new goals as a Grid athlete, and his family…

These videos are played on the big screens for the fans at the Grid matches and they are a really cool way for the people in the stands to get to know some of the athletes so they have a favorite to cheer for.

Nick Urankar was a kicker for the Indiana State football team and said he always wanted to play professional sports. But when football didn’t pan out beyond college, the desire was still there.

And he’s found his way to professional sports through GRID, as a player for the Miami Surge.

“The dream did come true and it’s awesome to be a part of,” said Urankar, one of the Surge captains.

“My ultimate goal as an athlete is to have longevity and just remain healthy and be an inspiration. I never really thought that I could actually inspire people but the longer that I do this, the more that I actually see that coming true…”

Watch the full video now on GRID TV.

Urankar and the Surge host the Phoenix Rise on Sunday, August 30 — the final regular-season match in 2015. Click here for tickets and information: https://www.npgl.com/matches/surge-vs…

Both teams are vying for a berth in NPGL Playoffs. The Western Division semifinal will be Wednesday, September 16.

Learn more about GRID, the athletes and the teams at NPGL.com.

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