Who Has The Best Lifting Hair Whip? Round 3 – Brooke, Ali, or Kristin?

It’s time for another Hair Whip Wednesday post! This week we are comparing Brooke Wells, Ali Ludwig, and Kristin Pope. Who whips it best?

Let us know who you think takes the win for this round and be sure to tag a hair whipper we should feature for the next Hair Whip Wednesday!

Brooke Wells

Ali Ludwig

#flashbackfriday to my first ever competition at the #calstategames exactly a year ago. I went 6/6 and hit 80/100/180 that day to qualify for nationals. I was literally so nervous I kept on asking myself "wtf am I doing here?" But when I stepped onto the platform and hit my first lift, the feeling was literally ridic. It was like I blacked out for the whole split second of the lift, but at the same time, just SO many thoughts were running through my mind all at once…"omg this is heavy, no wait it feels light, am I gonna make this… Stay over, stay over, stay over, am I gonna make this, pull, pull the shit outta the bar, am i gonna make this, oh god I hope I make this" and then just like that, the bar is over your head and you get the down signal. All within a matter of a second or two. I walked off the platform and thought, shit, I have to go through that 5 more times?! Each lift, it was the same thought process, but with a little more confidence each attempt. But after the whole competition was over, I was on a high and I was hooked. Hooked because i surprised the hell out of myself by what I was able to accomplish despite every doubt I had going into that day. Looking back on this competition, and the past year I've had to grow as an athlete, I could not be anymore grateful and lucky with where I'm at now. All the hours of training, persistence, defeat, ups and downs, PRS, aches, and emotions is all a part of the process. It's all a part of slowly chipping away and breaking down the barriers of the wall that is your mind. Over time, gaining confidence in every lift, eventually knowing you have the ability to make it. To me, this is the best part of the sport. I love being strong because making a strong body is in return, making a strong mind. Thinking of accomplishing a goal that seems impossible and pushing your limits every day until one day, you've reached it. There is no other feeling comparable. No better way to build confidence in yourself. Heading into my first nationals in two weeks, I go in confident, trusting my coaches Juan and @waxmansgym. The confidence they have in me would be enough even if I never found the confidence myself.

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Kristin Pope

Also, shout out to Kristin for lifting in her kitchen.

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