Why do Men Sit With Their Legs Spread so Wide? – Kelly Starrett Mansplains Man-Spreading

Man-spreading is when a man sits with his legs really wide—you know, like when you see a dude displaying his junk on the bus or something. Mansplaining is when Kelly Starrett breaks down a concept in a way that every man and woman can understand. Watch, listen, and learn…

In a world of industrial design that clearly doesn’t respect a Gentleman’s physiology, Man-spreading should be seen for what it really is, the body-struggle for life and death. It’s a personal, yet very public battle for survival in a world that wasn’t built with humble lumberjack-warrior-poet in mind. Man-spreading isn’t just some trendy symptom of male obliviousness. It’s not some Orwellian conspiracy to take over a man’s resting Junk habitus. On the contrary, Man-spreading is an emergent, almost miraculous solution to the dystopia of public transportation seating. We should celebrate Man-Spreading and teach it to our children, and our children’s children. Man-spreading is the body’s calling card of everyday Heroes. It’s the people’s posture, and it’s here to stay.

Permit me to mansplain it to you.
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