10 Tips on How To Make a CrossFit Open Workout Tip Video

March 02, 2016

If you follow these tips, you too can make a CrossFit Open Workout Tip video like every other website out there… You’re welcome.

Disclaimer: This idea was talked about on the Wodcast Podcast episode #213 from March 2, 2016. We are big fans of Scott McGee and Armen Hammer at the Wodcast, so check out their show on iTunes every Wednesday.

10 Tips on How To Make a CrossFit Open Workout Tip Video

1. Put a number count on your tips! People love lists and are drawn to numbers like a CrossFitter to a chalk bucket.

2. Use a whiteboard to explain stuff. Whiteboards make everything look super official.

3. Give your expert advice immediately after doing the WOD yourself. If people see you breathing heavy and sweating they’ll know that you know what’s up.

4. Put out the video as soon as possible! Have your camera and whiteboard ready, have YouTube pulled up in your browser, and as soon as the open announcement is finished, get to work! If you ain’t first, you’re last!

5. Have a special guest cameo from a top elite professional exerciser. Nothing says you know what you’re talking about like having one of the fittest men in the world back you up.

6. Talk in extremely broad statements that can apply to anything and everything but still make you sound smart as fuck. Stuff like, “Find your pace.” “Remember to breathe.” “Stay relaxed.” “Keep your core tight.” “In the last 30 seconds go all out and give it everything you got!”

7. Flick your hands around a bunch while you’re talking in the video. People love high energy and when they see those hands waving they’ll pay attention. Then when they’re doing the WOD they’ll picture your waving hands and it’ll remind them of your tips.

8. Reference champions like Rich Froning and Sam Briggs. Mention what they would do. Everyone wants to model themselves after a winner, so if you say Rich and Sam do it people will listen to you.

9. Always include a few tips about how to properly mobilize. Be careful not to call it stretching though. CrossFitters don’t stretch, they mobilize. And if you don’t mobilize properly, you can’t attack the WOD properly.

10. Make sure you wear a clever functional fitness t-shirt. Maybe something like “Snatch is Paleo”, or “What would Rich do?”, or “This is my handstand shirt”, written upside down of course.

Bonus Tip: Always include a bonus tip at the end so it seems like you’re giving away a little something extra.

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