2015 Crush Games Results

October 05, 2015

This past weekend the Crush Games descended upon Tropical Park in Miami, Florida, for their annual three-day competition. Look here to find out who stood on the podium when the last barbell was dropped…

2015 Crush Games Results

Male SuperTeams:
1. Team FitAID (Noah Ohlsen, Jacob Heppner, Nathan Bramlett)
2. The Squad (Derek Bishop, Vince Lalonde, Corey Pruneski)
3. Pure Strength (Shawn Ramirez, Brandon Phillips, Ron Ortiz)

Female SuperTeams:
1. Surgettes (Brooke Wells, Lauren Herrera, Kaleen Ladeairous)
2. Team NFSports (Pamela Tambini, Stephanie McCarthy, Jaime Gold)
3. Team Muvment (Hannah Gong, Amy Chatfield, Adriana Kaible)

Men Pro:
1. Zach Carlin
2. Will Moorad
3. Dominick Maurici

Women Pro:
1. Natalie Newhart
2. Brista Mayfield
3. Kolson Casey

Click here to see the full 2015 Crush Games Results from every division via FloElite.

2015 Crush Games Team Male Results

2015 Crush Games Team Female Results 2015 Crush Games Pro Men Results 2015 Crush Games Pro Women Results

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