2015 Granite Games – Minnesota Triathlon Montage & Behind The Scenes Interviews

September 14, 2015

Here’s a three minute mashup of one of the events that went down this weekend at the Granite Games. The workout was a complete cardio burner that combined the ski erg, the assault bike, and running.

The WOD was…
For Time:
– 500m/750m on the ski erg
– 3,500m/5,000m on the assault bike
– 1,500m run

The Granite Games was streamed live through FloElite’s pro membership, so we weren’t able to share much of the event here, but apparently something went wrong with the webcast during the MN Tri event so they posted this montage for free to make up for it.

If you want to see more of the 2015 Granite Games, you can subscribe to FloElite’s pro membership and look through their archives.


Also, here are a handful of behind the scenes clips from the weekend…

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