AMRAP Review: Workt 7mm Ecoprene Knee Sleeve

July 29, 2016

Our colleague Joel with AMRAP ( is at it again with a review of Workt 7mm Ecoprene Knee Sleeves.  As somebody with a case of old-man-knee-itus from years of rugby and sports, I definitely need to break out the knee sleeves for certain workouts.

If you use sleeves or have minor knee aches, this review is for you, check it out!

One that I will never hesitate to recommend to athletes are knee support. So what if you don’t have knee issues right now, you’re not going to want to develop any either. I didn’t have any when I first started working out, but over time the knees will take a beating, and that’s just with life in general. You might as well do your best to protect them and keep them pain free for as long as possible. Full Review Here

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