And the 2016 NPGL Draft Picks Are…

April 21, 2016

This week the National Pro Grid League held its 2016 draft, and while there are still a few more spots on the rosters to fill, most athletes have been picked up. Here’s a rundown of who is going where this season.

Here’s a snippet from

You can see all of Tuesday’s draft selections at here. Teams have the option to fill their roster up to 24 athletes, and the final rosters are due due April 29. Teams can continue to sign free agents or athletes new to the league until that date. Teams are not required to draft beyond 18 players, but they can draft players so that their roster reaches 24 (12 men and 12 women). A team’s active roster must be cut to 18 before start of the season, so the remaining six would make up the development roster. Those development players are not eligible to play during the 2016 season except in the case of an injury to an active player.

Should a supplemental draft be required, it will be Tuesday, April 26.

Details of the 2016 season will be released soon.

You can read the full article and more about the 2016 NPGL Draft here.

2016 NPGL Draft

Click here to see each player’s stats.


Round 1:
1. LA Reign > Kelly Wild
2. Baltimore Anthem > Natalie Sutter
3. Miami Surge > Jared Astle
4. NY Rhinos > Alice Eland
5. SF Fire > Ashley Gatgewood
6. SF Fire > Ian Dianel
7. Phoenix Rise > Chelsea Potter
8. DC Brawlers > Josh King

Round 2:
9. LA Reign > Stephen Wallace
10. Baltimore Anthem > Thomas Pichler
11. Miami Surge > Dee Macgillivray
12. NY Rhinos > Jilliam Seamon
13. Boston Iron > Anthony Wieslander
14. SF Fire > Justin Adams
15. Phoenix Rise > Laura Poling
16. DC Brawlers > Krista Owens

Round 3:
17. LA Reign > Jacob Pfaff
18. Baltimore Anthem > Jenna Torres
19. Miami Surge > Matthew Hubbard
20. NY Rhinos > Tom Sroka
21. Boston Iron > Mena Bonfiglio
22. SF Fire > Taylor Owens
23. Phoenix Rise > Nandor Tamaska
24. LA Reign > Shane de Freitas

Round 4:
25. Baltimore Anthem > Vanessa McCoy
26. Miami Surge > Julie Rader
27. NY Rhinos > Andrew Kong
28. Baltimore Anthem > Seth Prochaska
29. Miami Surge > Pierre Soero
30. Baltimore Anthem > Jimmy Violand
31. Miami Surge > Selection yet to be announced…
32. Baltimore Anthem > Selection yet to be announced…

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