Another Bodybuilder Tries out CrossFit… Steve Cook Takes on Fran and Goes Unbroken

October 23, 2015

Bodybuilder and physique competitor Steve Cook might have been inspired by Dana Linn and Rob Bailey’s recent video where they did Grace and decided to take on his own benchmark WOD. Steve went unbroken on Fran, clocking in at three minutes even and then assumed the natural post-Fran position—laid out on the floor.

Does anyone else think the lock out at the bottom of the pull up was questionable? Or are his arms just so huge he can’t straighten them out all the way? Much respect to Steve for getting this one and his positive message at the end of the video! Now we just wait for the backlash from other bodybuilders on his kipping pull ups.

Also, don’t think we didn’t see that bro rep! Only 20 thrusters on the first round, so technically the time doesn’t count anyway…

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