Asics Releases New Functional Fitness Training Shoe: The Met-Conviction

June 08, 2016

Asics is the latest company to start working their way into the CrossFit community, and they are doing so with a shoe dubbed the Met-Conviction. What do you guys think? Yay, or nay?

The Asics Met-Convictions retail for $110.

Here’s some info from
This new model has been crafted for functional fitness, high intensity training that’s exceptional for various exercise combinations. Devised and tested for box jumps, burpees, various lifts, running, and everything in between, this cross-trainer delivers the durability essentials and light weight componentry for a fine tuned training shoe that will motivate you to keep elevating your game with a modernized approach in fitness. Equipped with an abrasion resistant and non-scuffing rubberized outsole and toe cap.. A midsole of ASICS SpEVA® cushioning in combination of a low profile/flexible forefoot and a 3mm drop that will fuel your pursuit in the highest level of fitness. Weight: 8.8 oz. Heel Height: 7mm. Forefoot Height: 4mm.

Asics Men’s Met-Conviction
Asics-Met-Conviction-CrossFit-Shoes-01 Asics-Met-Conviction-CrossFit-Shoes-02 Asics-Met-Conviction-CrossFit-Shoes-03 Asics-Met-Conviction-CrossFit-Shoes-04 Asics-Met-Conviction-CrossFit-Shoes-05 Asics-Met-Conviction-CrossFit-Shoes-06


Asics Women’s Met-Conviction Asics-Met-Conviction-CrossFit-Shoes-07 Asics-Met-Conviction-CrossFit-Shoes-08 Asics-Met-Conviction-CrossFit-Shoes-09 Asics-Met-Conviction-CrossFit-Shoes-10 Asics-Met-Conviction-CrossFit-Shoes-11 Asics-Met-Conviction-CrossFit-Shoes-12

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