Break Parallel’s Top 10 Posts of 2015

December 31, 2015

We want to thank each of you for helping make our break out year a success. We launched this site in July and we are stoked on the feedback we’ve received and can’t wait to start kicking some more ass in 2016! But before that we invite you to look back and check out the top 10 posts on Break Parallel in 2015!

casual on hulu crossfit

1. The Main Character on Hulu’s “Casual” Goes on a Date with a Paleo-Eatin’ CrossFittin’ Babe
This already has 6.8 million views on it from Facebook, and it’s been all over Instagram already, but just in case you haven’t seen it yet, here ya go… One of the main characters in Hulu’s “Casual” went on a date with a Paleo-eating CrossFitter that plays the part like she’s the real thing. Seriously…how accurate is this clip? Are we sure she’s just acting? Which box does she go to?



2. EK Arts Turns Functional Fitness Athletes into Incredible Caricatures – 13 Photos
EK Arts brings a fresh perspective to some of your favorite athletes in his digital caricatures. Jason Khalipa, Stacie Tovar, Lucas Parker, and Josh Bridges all get digitized and all look incredible. You have to respect this kind of creativity and talent!



3. Hot Fitness Chicks vol. 13 – 30 Photos
Monday is quickly becoming our favorite day of the week! This time our photo roundup includes some of our favorite CrossFit crushes like Andrea Ager, Rita Benavidez, Brooke Ence, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, Annie Throrisdottir, and more…

4. Street Art In The Box – 20 Photos of CrossFit Graffiti
We aren’t sure where it started, but over the years graffiti and CrossFit boxes have gone hand in hand like barbells and bumper plates, and a lot of the murals we come across are pretty damn impressive. Here are 20 paintings that will make you question what you thought was possible with a can of Krylon.

5. 2015 CrossFit Invitational – USA Team and Location Announced
The fourth and final team has been announced along with the location of the 2015 CrossFit Invitational. We are stoked on the team rosters and can’t wait to see what happens when the completion kicks off in Madrid!

6. Creative CrossFitter Turns Starbucks Sleeves into Fitness Artwork – 25 Illustrations
Edd Tamayo out of the Chicago area is a teacher, runner, husband, father, and a CrossFitter… He’s also a really talented artist. Here are 25 doodles, drawings, and illustrations from Ed including Open WOD caricatures made from Starbucks sleeves.

7. Smokin’ Hot Norwegian Chick Overhead Squatting while Rolling on a Hoverboard
Last week we showed you guys an aggro meathead repping out 315lb back squats on one of those weird new hoverboards, and today a sizzling hot Norwegian chick named Suzanne Svanevik posted a video of her not only squatting on one, but overhead squatting while rolling back and forth across the gym…

8. Rich Froning: The Fittest Man in History – CrossFit HQ’s Official Trailer
We had the chance to see the world premiere of this film two months ago when it debuted during the 2015 CrossFit Games, and rest assure it’s 100% worth watching when it hits iTunes next week! Here’s the official trailer to get you pumped and ready for it!

9. WOD Wars 3 Presented by CrossFit 559 – 40 Photos
This past weekend John “Moose” Mustafa and CrossFit 559 in California’s Central Valley teamed up for their third installment of the WOD Wars competition series. Check out 40 photos from the floor!

10. Holiday Gift Guide For CrossFitters – 10 Stocking Stuffers Under $25
Black Friday is right around the corner, Cyber Monday will be here before you know it, then all of a sudden…BAM! Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas are all up in your face! Don’t be caught with your knee sleeves down. Get ready to do some online shopping in 3, 2, 1…go!

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