Camille Leglanc-Bazinet & Ben Smith Now Offering Online Programming

August 04, 2015

Two of the proven fittest in the world have just announced that they will start offering online programming and coaching. Check out what each of them have to say and click their links to learn more or sign up.

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“I had tones of questions and request to program for people.. Finally partner up with @trainheroic and @wodstar to create an online program with direct interaction with the athletes where I answer any questions that you have and look at your video and help you correct your form… I also track your results and progress while giving you tips and tricks for every movements… The program include warm-up, gymnastic skills, weightlifting a skills and metcon… Do develop your skills, strength and aerobic capacity so you become as well rounded as possible… I work really hard to build this since my goal is always to give my 100% in everything I do. Find the link under the @clbjackedunicorns Instagram account…” – Camille Leblanc-Bazinet

Click here for Camille Leblanc-Bazinet’s online programming.



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“I have been writing programming for myself ever since I started CrossFit back in 2006. Each year I improve and refine my programming to stay competitive. I feel that this year has really helped cement my thoughts that I am finally nailing down some consistent training strategy. I’m now offering Satellite programming to any athletes looking to follow along. We’re going into our 9th month of programming and I’m loving having the opportunity to help others improve and reach for their goals. If you’re interested, for more information go to and check out the ‘Krypton Satellite Programming’ drop down tab or email” -Ben Smith

Click here for Ben Smith’s online programming and training.

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