Chandler Smith, Rising Star of CrossFit

August 03, 2016

201605211717441020_SC_DSC_5666If you missed the 2016 CrossFit Games Atlantic Regional competition in Atlanta, GA, one of the newest star athletes of CrossFit might have slipped past you, Chandler Smith. No, he is not the long lost brother of 2015 CrossFit Games“Fittest Man on Earth” Ben Smith, although he sure can hang with that family of heavy hitters.

Chandler hails from Kansas and is graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, where he was a Division I collegiate wrestler.


Break Parallel Interview with Chandler Smith

For free weights, do you prefer Kettlebells or Dumbbells? Why?

For free weights I definitely prefer Dumbbells because I am super awkward with kettlebells and always end up with unwanted bruises when I try to use them.

What book or movie have you read/watched multiple times or gifted to a friend?

The Sports Gene by David Epstein is super insightful and I recommend it to anyone trying to understand themselves or athletes that they train

Podcasts or Music in the car? Any specific type or shows?

Music is normally the go to in the car as it normally reminds me of moments with my friends or family, which in turn leads me to say what’s up to them. Today actually I heard the Bird Hunters by the Turnpike Troubadors and Como La Flor by Selena and it reminded me to shoot a message to a couple old friends of mine

What is your favorite guilty pleasure food or drink?

I eat entirely too much ice cream. I always try to rationalize it away like “man I worked really hard today I can swing this,” but I say that way too often for it to be true

If not for your current sport, what would you be doing?

If it were not for CrossFit I would probably be doing a better job of being sociable outside of work. Haha

Thank you to Chandler Smith for taking the time to chat with us and answer a few questions!

In Atlanta, Chandler no doubt put on a show, displaying his passion for competition, pure joy with which he gave his all to every event, and an infectious energy, much greater than his 9th place finish would lead you to believe. With genuine, passion-filled athletes like Chandler Smith, the future of CrossFit is very bright.


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