Competition Alert – WOD Wars III Coming to Central California October 24

October 14, 2015

The brain child of CrossFit 559 and world-renowned fitness judge John “Moose” Mustafa, WOD Wars is set for their third throwdown in Central California on October 24th. Look here for all the info!

Date: October 24, 2015
Time: 7:00am
Location: World Ag Expo Center
4450 South Lapsing St.
Tulare, CA 93274

Instagram: @WODWars

Click here to register for WOD Wars III – Individuals
Click here to register for WOD Wars III – Teams

Here’s a slide show from WOD Wars II…

About WOD Wars III:  
Back again,
WOD WARS III returns, with a venue that has grown to the 76,000 square foot World Ag EXPO Center in Tulare, CA. We asked for your opinions and we listened!! Bigger Venue! Athletes blocked off indoor day camp area 100 x 100! Attached to athletes area 50 x 100 ft blocked off warm up area , with plenty equipment and chalk. seating for 1250 spectators. Special bleachers for athletes and your own entrance and exit gate! Do not have to fight the crowd or and crowd control people. We are catering to our Competitors 100% using Wodrocket scoring software and a live eight-foot screen of the leader board for you!

WOD WARS III returns to the Central Valley, featuring star guest Katie Hogan and co-star (coming SOON) will be on hand to share the secrets to success as a world-class athlete and to take part in a special exhibition contest!

Three challenging WODs and our special venue will showcase your athletic skills at varying ages and fitness levels. We encourage all athletes, affiliated and non-affiliated, from Northern and Southern California to join us in the Central Valley to demonstrate what our functional fitness athletes are all about. Who’s ready? LET THE WARS BEGIN!

Gates open at 7:00 AM , plenty of space for Athletes tents, RV parking free, RV camping small fee. Spectator fee $5.00. Athletes will compete by gender in four category– RX, scaled, Teams (2 women 2 men) Masters (40+) – CASH PRIZE for first place Rx winners, and other valuable prizes to the first, second and third place finishers in each division. Vendors will be on hand with plenty of the latest and the greatest functional fitness gear, apparel and equipment and spectator challenges so you can try your skills an score prizes of your own!.

WOD Wars III Flyer

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