Creative CrossFit Lovers – 15 Works of Fitness Art

October 01, 2015

What happens when lovers of CrossFit get creative? We get blessed with dope fitness artwork! Much respect to the people pushing the pens behind these works…

If you want to be featured, use the hashtag #BreakParallel so we can find you or send us an email! And while you’re at it, follow us on Instagram too!

Break-Parallel-CrossFit-Art-01 Break-Parallel-CrossFit-Art-02

Break-Parallel-CrossFit-Art-04 Break-Parallel-CrossFit-Art-05

Break-Parallel-CrossFit-Art-11 Break-Parallel-CrossFit-Art-06 Break-Parallel-CrossFit-Art-07 Break-Parallel-CrossFit-Art-08 Break-Parallel-CrossFit-Art-09 Break-Parallel-CrossFit-Art-10 Break-Parallel-CrossFit-Art-12 Break-Parallel-CrossFit-Art-13 Break-Parallel-CrossFit-Art-14 Break-Parallel-CrossFit-Art-15

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