CrossFit-Inspired Holiday Cards from Snow Powers – 9 Photos

November 17, 2015

Snow Powers (Yes, it appears that’s her real name…badass!) is a crafty CrossFitter that created Christmas Cards. (AMRAP that sentence for 30 seconds why don’t you?) These things are perfect for fitness freaks like us, and they are available in Snow’s Etsy store.

– More about Snow Powers at

Buy CrossFit inspired holiday greeting cards Etsy.

CrossFit-Christmas-Cards-by-Snow-Powers-01 CrossFit-Christmas-Cards-by-Snow-Powers-02 CrossFit-Christmas-Cards-by-Snow-Powers-04 CrossFit-Christmas-Cards-by-Snow-Powers-05 CrossFit-Christmas-Cards-by-Snow-Powers-08 CrossFit-Christmas-Cards-by-Snow-Powers-09 CrossFit-Christmas-Cards-by-Snow-Powers-03 CrossFit-Christmas-Cards-by-Snow-Powers-06 CrossFit-Christmas-Cards-by-Snow-Powers-07

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