CrossFit Inspired Pumpkins – 20 Photos

October 31, 2015

Just in time for Halloween we have a photo roundup of 20 CrossFit inspired jack-o-lanterns. We have to warn you though…what you are about to see clearly demonstrates that some great ideas are not executed very well.

We’ll be honest…most of these are pretty terrible, but the idea is there. Do you have a better CrossFit pumpkin carving? If so, tag us in a post on Instagram!

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CrossFit-Pumpkin-Break-Parallel-01 CrossFit-Pumpkin-Break-Parallel-02 CrossFit-Pumpkin-Break-Parallel-03 CrossFit-Pumpkin-Break-Parallel-04 CrossFit-Pumpkin-Break-Parallel-05 CrossFit-Pumpkin-Break-Parallel-06 CrossFit-Pumpkin-Break-Parallel-20 CrossFit-Pumpkin-Break-Parallel-19 CrossFit-Pumpkin-Break-Parallel-18 CrossFit-Pumpkin-Break-Parallel-17 CrossFit-Pumpkin-Break-Parallel-16 CrossFit-Pumpkin-Break-Parallel-15 CrossFit-Pumpkin-Break-Parallel-14 CrossFit-Pumpkin-Break-Parallel-13 CrossFit-Pumpkin-Break-Parallel-12 CrossFit-Pumpkin-Break-Parallel-11 CrossFit-Pumpkin-Break-Parallel-10 CrossFit-Pumpkin-Break-Parallel-09 CrossFit-Pumpkin-Break-Parallel-08 CrossFit-Pumpkin-Break-Parallel-07

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