Did You Just Touch My Protein? – 15 Fitness Memes

October 16, 2015

Your dad doesn’t lift? Well happy Mother’s Day to your dad!

This week’s memes come from Paul Castaneda again who kills the CrossFit meme game! (Here’s an earlier gallery from Paul…)

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CrossFit-Meme-66 CrossFit-Meme-67 CrossFit-Meme-68 CrossFit-Meme-69 CrossFit-Meme-70 CrossFit-Meme-71 CrossFit-Meme-72 CrossFit-Meme-73 CrossFit-Meme-74 CrossFit-Meme-75 CrossFit-Meme-76 CrossFit-Meme-77 CrossFit-Meme-78 CrossFit-Meme-79 CrossFit-Meme-80

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