Firsts and Lasts with: Maddy Curley

June 15, 2016

First up in our new athlete interview series of “Firsts and Lasts” is none other than Maddy Curley! Want to hear about the first time she got pulled over by a cop? Or the last lie she told? Read on!

Name: Maddy Curley
Age: 34, but if Hollywood asks, I’m 26!
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Affiliate: Valley CrossFit
Sponsors: Try About Time, Life as Rx, Rx Smart Gear, Fashletics


All photos by Fat Tony.

Firsts and Lasts with: Maddy Curley

3, 2, 1…GO!


First time you puked after a workout…
I got a parasite either after teaching a seminar with Invictus in Brazil or possibly after dog sitting for a dog with massive diarrhea in New York. Both trips were close together, so I’m not entirely sure. Anyhow, after I did the Open workout 15.5, my boyfriend and I went out to dinner and when I came home, I puked my guts out!!! I hadn’t puked since I was like 11, so I know something was wrong. Turned out I had Giardia!

First time you made the podium at a competition…
My first CrossFit competition! Back in 2010…they still had Sectionals and I got second place behind Ingrid Kantola!

First thing you do when you wake up in the morning…
I take my dog Pepper out to pee.

First time you were pulled over by a cop…
I was 16 and the cop WALKED into the street to pull me over, he told me I was going 30mph in a school zone. I still SWEAR it was the bus next to me that was going faster since he didn’t have time to walk out and pull the bus over. Grrrr.

First thing you would wish for if you had a genie…
A series regular role on a show like Pretty Little Liars or Modern Family. Or a career in film like Jennifer Lawrence.


Last major purchase you made…
My new (used) car!!! It’s a hybrid, and since I spend 50% of my time in Los Angeles in my car, I’m really excited to have it.

Last person you called…
Probably my best friend and writing partner, Brooke. She seems to always be the last person I’ve called.

Last time you told a lie…
I think I said I didn’t mind that they didn’t weigh us in at our mock Oly competition, but I DID. Bahaha!

Last book you read…
The Happiness Hypothesis. And before that I read Pride and Prejudice again since I hadn’t read it since high school. My boyfriend has a book club and I love it. Next up: The Road.

Last great piece of advice you received…
When things are hard, don’t try to stop the process, try to just go through it. It’s always better on the other side.



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