Grid Profile: Michael Hernandez of the Los Angeles Reign

July 30, 2015

Michael Hernandez of the Los Angeles Reign is accustomed to the speed and agility that are essential for GRID athletes, and he owes that to his experience in track and field, which began when he was just 6 years old.

“Coming from a track and field background, everything I did was fast…its a good mix of explosiveness and technique, same as GRID,” Hernandez said.

That speed and explosiveness has helped Hernandez make a smooth transition to his new career as a GRID athlete, and and he is humbled to be one of the pioneers of the sport.

“To be on the GRID in its first years, I see it as a huge opportunity…to say that I was one of the original athletes on the LA Reign would be a cool story to tell the grandkids,” he said.

Not only is he excited to be playing for GRID, but he is proud to have the opportunity to be a professional athlete: “It’s cool that we can now call ourselves professional athletes…now that we’re being recognized for all the hard work we’ve done, its a dream come true.”

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