Hylete Presents: Circuit Challenge for Charity

April 01, 2016

Hylete is working with five different charities and will donate up to $10,000 through their new online challenge. Signing up is free, and it sounds pretty fun too… Check out the info here!

More: hylete.com/c3

The C3 Challenge’s purpose is to create awareness and support for our HYLETE nation charities, while engaging and growing our community with a free, fun-spirited challenge to inspire a lifestyle of functional fitness.

Beginning Friday, April 8th, each challenge will be posted at http://www.HYLETE.com/C3 in the form of a short explanatory video that will fully explain the circuit challenge requirements, stations, tips, etc. Each subsequent challenge will be available the following Friday for a total of 4 challenge workouts. Each circuit challenge will allow for all skill levels, require access to minimal equipment, and will take approximately 30 minutes to complete; including our warm up and cool down recommendations. (e.g. 10 minute warm up, 15 minute circuit challenge, 5 minute cool down).

The charities that will benefit from this 4 week challenge, are the current HYLETE nation supported charities that include: 31 Heroes, Back on My Feet, National Breast Cancer Foundation, O.U.R. Rescue, and Scratch My Belly. Visit http://www.hylete.com/hyletenation/charity for more information.

How does one participate?

Simply visit HYLETE.com/C3 to sign up and create your C3 Challenge account. You will select which of the 5 charities you would like your participation to benefit.

Signing up and participation is FREE. Also, the first 5,000 people who signup will receive a $25 promotional gift card* for use at HYLETE.com. (*good on purchases of $50 or more)

After completing each Challenge, you will log in to upload your Challenge Score. In addition to the released videos explaining each Challenge, a downloadable overview sheet with scoring will be available at HYLETE.com/C3.

You will have until May 8th to complete all 4 Challenges and upload your scores.

For each challenge that you complete, HYLETE will donate $1 to that charity. Additionally, the charity that “wins” the challenge (with the most number of participation points) will receive an additional $2,000 donation. HYLETE will donate up to $10,000 for this inaugural C3 Challenge.

Additionally, a limited edition C3 Challenge Tee is available for purchase with 50% of all revenues going to the 5 Charities. We also hope that participation in the C3 Challenge, along with Social Sharing, will create additional awareness and support for each of the 5 Charities. see http://www.hylete.com/c3-tri-blend-crew-black-white

Thanks for your participation!

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