“I always wished I could be Spider-Man.” – Reebok Lets Parkour Athlete Loose In Goblin Valley

August 20, 2015

Ronnie Shalvis has overcome fears and injuries, but is considered to be one of the best parkour athletes in the world. Unless you’re running from Will Smith in Men in Black this stuff may not be that “functional”, but it definitely looks cool as hell and there’s no denying that it takes a ton of athleticism and body awareness.

Do you think Reebok will start making those ridiculous hippy pants that parkour guys wear? Seriously…what’s with those thing?

The earth beneath our feet is familiar. For parkour athletes like Ronnie Shalvis, familiarity is the enemy. After recovering from a back injury that prevented Ronnie from performing parkour at Goblin Valley State Park in 2013, he committed himself to hours of intense training to reclaim his skills. Two years later, Ronnie’s ready to take on Goblin Valley.

Widely considered one of the best parkour athletes in the world, Ronnie Shalvis is no stranger to overcoming fear. Once a kid afraid of heights and bullies, Ronnie found strength in channeling himself through parkour. Using his body as the brush and environment as the canvas, Ronnie pushes new boundaries every time he engages in “the art of movement,” and has inspired free runners worldwide to do the same.

Ronnie Shalvis is a professional parkour athlete and stuntman from Provo, UT. With Reebok Pumps on his feet, there is no limit to where Ronnie can run, vault, and trick.

Here’s the interactive 360 view…

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