“I think I lost count…” – Bodybuilders Dana Linn and Rob Bailey Try CrossFit and do Grace for the First Time

October 21, 2015

What happens when professional bodybuilders Dana Linn and Rob Bailey try CrossFit for the first time? They muscle clean and strict press 31 and 32 reps of Grace in a blazing fast time all while box jockeys at home yell “No rep!” at their computer screen for not locking out the elbows and not pushing their head through at the top. Huge props to these two beasts for trying something new, having fun, and being strong as shit.

Today we tried something a little different for our workout. We’ve been having a lot of fun training and being open to new things. Rob challenged me today to plan a workout we could go head-to-head in. After some thinking everything pointed back to the same thing…crossfit (?) We’ve never tried anything like it but figured we would give it a go. Some of the different workouts looked up my alley but “Grace” seemed like a good place to start. Clean and Jerk (135/95) 30 reps, timed. Since this is new to us we are not sure if we did it properly but either way it gassed us. We’d love some feedback or ideas for future challenges…

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