Introducing the King Kong Backpack II

May 24, 2016

The folks over at King Kong Apparel just released the second version of their self-titled backpack, and just like King Kong himself, this thing looks like an absolute monster! Check it out!


Press Release:

We wanted to Build a Better Backpack from the ground up. We wanted to design, build and test a class-dominating backpack for gym, work and travel.
Having spent the best part of the last 20 years biking, running, busing and generally commuting to and from, gyms, sports grounds, beaches (…and the workplace), our list of functional requirements was long and distinguished.
List of functions requirements
•    Generous internal area for all our precious gear.
•    Quick access valuables pocket – padded for protection, separated for organization.
•    Numerous pockets in different sizes for all the accessories and gear we bring carry day – to the gym and to work.
•    Protected laptop sleeve – up to 15in.
•    Water bottle/shakers pockets – one on each side.
•    Shoe compartment/area that doubles as a meal bag insert area. Separated from the internal area of the bag to avoid dirt and odor
•    Top packing and duffel-style packing options – perfect for travel packing
•    Sternum strap for comfortable and secure carry – removable
•    Breathable, comfortable and contoured fit.
•    Carry-on size – there’s nothing worse than checking-in a backpack
Materials – amazing materials turn a great design into a truly great bag.
•    Military spec. 1000D nylon. This is the toughest in the game – no surprise this is used on more high-end packs than any other material.
•    Nylon webbing and thread. Initially, its almost impossible to tell the difference between this and cheaper polyester (without doing a burn test), but after 2-3 years of use, nylon will still look brand new – polyester.
•    Rip-stop nylon lining. A light internal lining material that is as beautiful as it is brutally tough.
•    YKK zippers – The best zippers in the world, bar none.
•    Heavy-duty buckles. Check out the buckles we are using (above). Quick- release buckles made from carbon steel with a black epoxy finish. Their 4400lb/2000kg breaking strength might well be the definition of over-engineering – and we think they look really cool.
King Kong Backpack II CrossFit 1 King Kong Backpack II CrossFit 2 King Kong Backpack II CrossFit 3 King Kong Backpack II CrossFit 4

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