Julie Foucher Does a WOD for CrossFit’s Newly Designed Main Site

February 16, 2016

Two awesome things in one title… CrossFit HQ has finally redesigned their Website, and Julie Foucher throwing down for the cameras! We’re sold!

Check out crossfit.com to see what’s new with the infamous “main site”.

Julie’s WOD:
90 double-unders
9 muscle-ups
9 squat clean thrusters, 65-lb. dumbbells
80 double-unders
8 muscle-ups
8 squat clean thrusters, 65-lb. dumbbells
70 double-unders
7 muscle-ups
7 squat clean thrusters, 65-lb. dumbbell
Julie’s Time: 10:12

Julie Foucher does the CrossFit.com workout for Feb 16, 2016.

Video by Marston Sawyers.

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