Love Is In The Air, Or Is That Bacon? – 15 Photos

September 19, 2015

Why did the bacon laugh? Because the egg cracked a yoke!

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Break-Parallel-Bacon-17 Break-Parallel-Bacon-29 Break-Parallel-Bacon-18 Break-Parallel-Bacon-19 Break-Parallel-Bacon-20 Break-Parallel-Bacon-21 Break-Parallel-Bacon-22 Break-Parallel-Bacon-23 Break-Parallel-Bacon-24 Break-Parallel-Bacon-25 Break-Parallel-Bacon-26 Break-Parallel-Bacon-27 Break-Parallel-Bacon-28 Break-Parallel-Bacon-30 Break-Parallel-Bacon-31 Break-Parallel-Bacon-32

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