Nike Metcon 2 “Blue Monday” Color Available Through Rogue and Nike+

January 21, 2016

News surrounding the Nike Metcon 2 keeps trickling in from various sources, and we found a few places that have a “Blue Monday” color way on sale now. Here’s the scoop…

If you have a Nike+ account, you can purchase the Metcon 2 Amplify “Blue Monday” color way right now for $140 through

Rogue also has the Nike Metcon 2 “Blue Monday” shoe on pre-order for $140 and lists their availability as “Late January”. Nike Metcon 2

The following product description is from

New for 2016, the Nike Metcon 2 updates one of the most popular cross-training shoes on the planet with a new range of color options and features. From the low-profile TPU heel clip to the grooved, max-traction forefoot, Metcons are built to provide stability on heavy lifts, flexibility on sprints and climbs, and optimal comfort for distance runs and day-to-day abuse.

As with the original Metcon, attention to detail sets the Metcon 2 apart from other athletic footwear. An abrasion-resistant film around the midfoot is critical to reducing heat and friction during a high octane training regimen, and Nike’s lightweight Flywire cables help maintain a strong support structure without the bulkiness of some other leading cross-trainers. Metcons also deliver dependable traction that performs on the gym floor, the track, and training grounds far off the beaten path.

Men’s Cross-Training Shoe
Low profile, max-support heel for stability and minimizing drag
Drop-in midsole & rubber forefoot grooves for greater flexibility and traction
Breathable, abrasion-resistant film guards against high heat and friction
Lightweight Vectran filaments (Flywire) for optimal structure and support
Color: Blue Monday Special Edition

Brick Boston has announced that they will have an “official worldwide launch of the Metcon 2” at their box on January 23rd, the same day as the East Coast Championships taking place in Boston.
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In other Metcon 2 news, it appears that on January 23rd people in Europe will be able to customize their Metcon 2s through Nike ID. No word if the US will get customizable Metcon 2s or not.
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Blue Monday, according to Wikipedia, “is a name given to a day in January (typically the third Monday of the month) reported to be the most depressing day of the year.” But Nike’s taking back the phrase, putting a happy spin on it by applying it to a colorway of the long-awaited Metcon sequel.

The Nike Metcon 2 Blue Monday splashes a deep, rich shade of blue over the subtly reworked upper, delivering a subdued look to the breathable mesh toe, the seamless Hyperfuse overlays, the cushy, supportive collar. Black appears on the heel in an almost woodgrain effect, keeping the palette muted while still offering stark contrast, and white graces the acclaimed outsole that wraps up around the sidewalls for durability during aggressive exercises like rope drills.

The Nike Metcon 2 Blue Monday has already been showing up on the feet of select CrossFitters over the last few weeks; in fact, it officially carries a “Holiday 2015” release designation. At the moment though, the only availability requires a special access code.

nike-metcon-2-blue-monday-03 nike-metcon-2-blue-monday-05 nike-metcon-2-blue-monday-04 nike-metcon-2-blue-monday-02 nike-blue-monday-metcon-2-heel nike-metcon-2-blue-monday-06


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