Nike Metcon 2 Unboxing and Impressions Video

January 09, 2016

Joel over at As Many Reviews as Possible just got a pair of Nike Metcon 2s from a friend in Japan and did an unboxing and first impressions video. We posted a similar Metcon 2 unboxing video before, but this one is a lot more thorough. These bad boys should be available in the U.S. any time now, so stay tuned…

According to the posts we’ve seen on Instagram, the Nike Metcon 2 is available in Japan, Korea, and Dubai already. We have also heard on various sites that they will go on sale in the U.S. by the end of January.

Here’s the kicker though… We still aren’t 100% sure what the Metcon 2 will look like when it goes on sale in North America. According to, the shoes will look different than what we’ve been seeing on Instagram from people that bought them overseas. Also, yesterday both Footlocker and Eastbay had women’s Nike Metcon 2s available online (in one color way only) that looked different than what people from overseas have been posting. However, today we couldn’t find them on either site anymore. Does this mean they sold out? Or does this mean they had the wrong photo?


The following is from

Three Metcon 2 colorways will launch on February 1, a follow-up to the premiere colorway later this month. Each February 1 colorway boasts that game-changing tech along with cool, striking palettes — two rather eye-catching, the other stylishly subdued. And each February 1 colorway, alas, is exclusive to women’s sizing. (Though men’s editions that same month, and possibly that same day, are certainly likely.)

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