No Longer A Rookie: Break Parallel Interview With Brent Fikowski

July 28, 2016

No Longer A Rookie: Break Parallel Interview With Brent Fikowski

As a rookie, Brent Fikowski rocked the CrossFit world as he stormed through Carson, California with 4 event wins and 9 top ten finishes! With 1st place wrapped up by Matt Fraser and 2nd by Ben Smith, the final event was a race between Fikowski and his fellow Canadian countryman Patrick Vellner.  The battle for the lone remaining podium place was won by 3rd place finisher Vellner, who edged Fikowski by a narrow two point margin. Although he finished off the podium, earning 4th place, he has won the respect and attention of the CrossFit community.



We had a chance to catch up with Brent after The CrossFit Games.

1) Brent, your in-game posts have become a record of events not typical in CrossFit…why did you post them? Do you journal at others times, with other workouts?
I typically record a personal journal recapping my competition experience. It is a way for me to accept what has happened during the event whether it was good or bad. It is also so I have a clear memory of my own experience before watching any game footage, sometimes those clips can overlap your own unique memories. This year I decided to type them up and post them online so people could follow along.
2) What would a typical “day with Fikowski” entail?
 My typical training day changes throughout the year, as the volume of my training increases depending on what competition is on the horizon. But usually I wake up around 5:00 am, I train for 2.5 hours, I return home for breakfast, I work 9 hours, I relax in the evening, get 8 hours of sleep and do it again.
3) How do you manage your recovery after such strenuous training?
To recover I eat quality food all year and get quality sleep, I have an efficient warm-up and cool down for my sessions. Mostly I try to move well all day to prevents injuries.
4) What was the transition from swimming to CrossFit like?
I was a swimmer 4 months a year and a volleyball player 8 months a year growing up in middle school and high school. In college I only played volleyball. I started CrossFit to supplement my volleyball when I was 21 years old in 2012. There were more opportunities to compete in CrossFit where I was so I switched my focus to the sport of CrossFit. The transition was easy, I just needed to get stronger.
5) When you aren’t training, what are other activities or hobbies you enjoy?
 I enjoy listening to music and playing my guitar when I have time. I enjoy sitcoms specifically Silicon Valley, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Seinfeld.

Thank you very much to Brent for taking the time to speak with Break Parallel

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