NPGL Announces “Grid TV” – Free Membership for a Limited Time

June 27, 2015

The Grid League just announced a new media channel for their videos. Apparently they will eventually charge for the service, but for now it’s being offered for free. Check out the full press release here and be sure to sign up for free while you can.




Imagine all of your favorite National Pro Grid League moments in one place – easy to access, simple to browse and view, a virtual portal onto the GRID itself. You can enjoy all of that, plus an exclusive pass behind-the-scenes, on GRID TV – your one-stop shop for viewing everything GRID.

Today, we have launched GRID TV for you, our fans, to get to know your favorite athletes and to absorb as much GRID action as your heart desires. You will go inside the athletes’ training and get introduced to some of the great personalities who are part of the NPGL.

We also will bring you the action! Watch past matches, listen to analysis, post-match press conferences and soak up highlights. We are so excited to have this platform to bring you our ongoing exclusive premium content.

“GRID TV is the perfect theater for our fans, a place they can come for even more coverage of the sport and where they can delve into the details of their favorite NPGL teams and athletes,” said NPGL CEO Jim Kean. “Interest in GRID is growing worldwide and as our sport grows, fans are asking for more. More in-depth analysis, more stories about athletes, more access behind the scenes, and this platform is the start of a lot more exciting things to come.”

With GRID being the first professional co-ed team sport, fans can’t help but be drawn into the dynamic of women and men competing together, and want to learn more about the intense strategizing required for a team to emerge victorious after 11 grueling races.

To that end, check out the premiere of ‘Behind the GRID,’ a series that gives you a look at the lives, personalities and preparations of the athletes of the NPGL. Follow alongside them as they journey through media days, training camp and match day.

Episode 1 takes you into the makeup and hair room, under the flashes of the photography studio and behind the cameras during video interviews. Not without shenanigans, of course. Guest appearances in episode 1 by Lindy Barber, Mike Abgarian, Quiana Welch, Ben Sturgill and Devonia Long of the Boston Iron, and Drew Canavero, Buddy Hitchcock and Ger Sasser of the San Francisco Fire.

Sean Buck, Vice President of Product Development at the NPGL, said that fans of GRID will be excited to have video at their fingertips, available also on mobile devices.

“This is for those who want to be a part of this historic journey of the rise of the NPGL and GRID,” Buck said, “for those who want to see what goes on behind the scenes and get to know the athletes better.”

Users will register one time, and then can access content through the following menus:

For a limited time, the entirety of the content is available for free. Users have the ability to browse the video content easily and view it in high definition. In the future, premium content will be available through a paid membership, with some content remaining free.

The 2015 season matches that stream live on and that will air on NBC Sports Network will be available on GRID TV for viewing on demand three months following their air date.

GRID TV is compatible with desktop and mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. Come surf the channel today to see features and highlights, athlete profiles and our Behind the GRID series. GRID TV is the place to enjoy GRID any time, from anywhere.

About GRID

GRID is the world’s first professional spectator sport with two co-ed teams racing head-to-head in a two-hour match. It incorporates speed, skill and strategy in a test of endurance through a variety of weightlifting and body-weight elements. GRID has eight NPGL teams: Los Angeles Reign, New York Rhinos, Boston Iron, DC Brawlers, Phoenix Rise, Miami Surge, San Francisco Fire and Baltimore Anthem.

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