NutriForce Sports’ “The Proving Grounds” – Noah Ohlsen

July 30, 2015

“At the CrossFit Games everyone that’s there is great, but at the end of the week only one person is the best in the world… The ultimate goal is to be the fittest man on Earth.” -Noah Ohlsen

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*Note: This video was originally released in February 2015 before we launched this site, but we didn’t want to let such a good video slip through the cracks!

In 2014, CrossFit Games rookie Noah Ohlsen shocked the sport with an 8th place finish. Now, one of the world’s fittest men is out to prove it wasn’t a fluke.

We go in depth behind his training, recovery, and personal life to find out how someone born with average ability can become something so extraordinary.

This is his story…
His journey…
His shot to PROVE he belongs among the best.

NutriForce Sports Presents a new web series: The Proving Ground #NFSports #TeamNFS

Executive Producers:
Michael Alfaro
Peter Frelik
David Thomas Tao

Video Credit: Peter Frelik

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