PurePharma Presents: A Day in the Life of Scott Panchik

February 01, 2016

“We recently got to spend a day with athlete Scott Panchik. After an incredible 2015 season, he placed 6th in the Games, all while having plantar fasciitis.

We get to see Scott Panchik — the elite athlete — pretty regularly, in this video you’ll see that Scott is much more than that. He’s a coach, a brother, an affiliate owner, a fiancé and a son. He runs a family-owned business with his dad and two brothers and spends his entire day devoted to CrossFit Mentality, his CrossFit affiliate gym in Mentor, Ohio. From the 5:30 am class to meal prep to training to mentoring, Scott devotes his entire day to CrossFit, his family and building up his community.” – PurePharma

Visit the PurePharma blog and enter to win a consultation with Scott, one month of programming and a bundle of his favorite PurePharma products (PR3 protein + PP3 multi-packs).

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