Recharge Your Routine with Remote Coaching

May 04, 2017

Recharge Your Routine with Remote Coaching

A remote coach is an expert fitness guide who is matched to your specific lifestyle and fitness needs. This coach will meet with you one-on-one via phone, email or Skype (no travel time!) to help you plan and execute a training program that produces results.

A Smarter Way to Exercise

 In a sense, having a remote coach is like finally learning to do a push-up the right way. With poor form, you can power through fifty push-ups, but you’ll be less likely to see results and more likely to put yourself at risk for injury. With proper form – elbows in, spine aligned – the push-ups will actually feel easier and you’ll finally see results. The solution isn’t to stop doing push-ups. The solution is to do them smarter.

 Now consider your workout routine. As a busy parent or working professional, you may not put a lot of thought into how you’re working out, you just know you have to do it – either because your doctor told you to lose weight or because you have a specific goal, like winning a race or fitting back into that size six dress. Chances are, you’ve picked the most accessible option – say, the local gym. You get there as often as possible to run the treadmill, lift weights, or use the elliptical, all in that one free hour before or after work. But with the juggling act that is modern-day life, this exercise routine is probably starting to feel like a struggle instead of a reward, especially when you’re not seeing significant results. Again, the solution isn’t to stop exercising altogether. The solution is to exercise smarter.

Remote coaching offers a new solution to the fitness problem. Instead of working out harder or longer, individualized, one-on-one coaching offers a way to work out smarter and more effectively.

 Here’s how:

 It’s Flexible:

 When you get really busy – with work, with school, with kids – what’s the first thing to go? Too often, the answer to that question is your workout routine and nutrition plan.

 With a remote coach, you don’t have to travel to your trainer. You don’t have to try to make that 6 a.m. class or that 5 p.m. boot camp. Instead, your trainer comes to you – via phone, email, or Skype – and they give you their undivided attention during that time. This is true even if you are traveling for work or on a family vacation. The program is designed to meet your travel needs and fit your schedule – no matter how crazy that schedule may be! Throughout the process – no matter where you are – your coach will hold you accountable with regular check-ins and progress updates.

 With a remote coach, you can stop trying to mold your fitness schedule to someone else’s time frame. Instead, you and your coach develop a flexible plan that works for you.

It’s Personal

We hate to break it to you, but there is no such thing as a workout that works for everyone. The same is true for nutritional plans. That’s why fad diets almost never work and why going to the gym every day and running on a treadmill for thirty minutes – or even an hour – isn’t going to get you past your fitness plateau. You need a plan that is tailored to your interests and to the needs of your specific body. 




 To see results, you need a fitness routine that is diversified. Your body will adapt to a workout that you do over and over again. Unfortunately, when your body adapts in this way, it stops responding the way you want it to (by slimming down or gaining muscle). A remote coach can help you to plan a fitness routine that keeps your body on its toes – for example, weight training one day followed by a cardio blast the next (and days of active rest, too!).

 A remote coach will also help to keep your workouts interesting. Some people love competition and can’t stand the thought of competitive sports; some people love to dance and others have two left feet. There’s an effective and fun workout for everyone – sometimes, you just need someone to help you find it.

It’s Targeted

 A remote coach can help you to target the strengths and limitations of your own body. Maybe you love yoga but have a lower back injury you haven’t quite figured out how to modify for. Maybe you have weak knees that prevent you from running. A remote coach won’t let you see your injury as an excuse to get out of the game. Instead, your coach will design a targeted workout that maximizes the amazing things your body can do.

 To further maximize your training, coaches will watch videos of your workouts, carefully analyzing your movements and then offering specific, pointed advice for improving form and technique. This will reduce your likelihood of injury and ensure that the exercises are working as they are intended. Coaches can also send you videos of themselves doing the workouts so that you can model their form. Essentially, it’s like having a trainer exercise with your in your own home!

 If you’re working out in your living room instead of a fancy home gym, no worries. Your individualized program will be based on the equipment available to you, so you don’t have to worry about substitutions or modifications. If you have no equipment whatsoever, your coach will design body-weight workouts. If you decide you want to invest in free weights later on, the program can be modified to accommodate that.

 It’s Motivating

To get motivated and stay motivated, it is important to have specific goals. If “getting in shape” is your fitness goal, you’ll get discouraged pretty quickly. Why? Because “getting in shape” is more of a broad idea than a goal. Besides, getting fit looks really different depending on whom you ask. With this kind of goal, you’ll have no idea when or if you’ve actually achieved anything. With a dedicated fitness coach, you can determine which milestones will define your fitness journey, and those milestones can be anything from a single pull-up to running a marathon. The point is that you can’t get to the finish line if you don’t know where you going. A coach can help you to create the map.  

 And while having an expert to guide you through your fitness journey is hugely beneficial, expertise isn’t the only useful aspect of remote coaching. A coach who is dedicated to your success will also help you to cope with failure. Let’s face it – you aren’t going to crush every single workout or meet every goal on exactly the day you planned to meet it. Life happens. Setbacks are part of the journey. Checking in one-on-one with a coach who knows you can give perspective when you’re facing a challenge.

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