Reebok Drops New CrossFit Combine Shoe

June 12, 2016

These new CrossFit Combine shoes from Reebok are only available from the U.K. online store right now, but they will probably be released in the U.S. soon. If you’ve ever had that ping pong match in your head before a WOD about whether to wear your lifters or trainers, you now have a hybrid option to choose from. The downfall is that they are ugly as crap and look like my grandfather’s prescription sneakers.


Excuses aren’t part of your vocabulary. When your workout calls for circuits, sprints, and reps, you’ll be proud to post your score with our CrossFit Combine. The strap closure means you can lock in tight for the heavy lifts, while added traction on the midsole gives you confidence at speed.

– Breathable mesh in the upper for flexibility and ventilation
– Hook-and-loop strap allows for a tighter fit
– Extra lugs on the medial midsole for traction
– Flexion in toe box for added movement
– Metasplit diamond-shaped lugs on the outsole for traction
– Unique denim look

Reebok CrossFit Combine for Men (U.K.)
Reebok-CrossFit-Combine-Shoe-Men-01 Reebok-CrossFit-Combine-Shoe-Men-02 Reebok-CrossFit-Combine-Shoe-Men-03 Reebok-CrossFit-Combine-Shoe-Men-04 Reebok-CrossFit-Combine-Shoe-Men-05 Reebok-CrossFit-Combine-Shoe-Men-06 Reebok-CrossFit-Combine-Shoe-Men-07

Reebok CrossFit Combine for Women (U.K.)
Reebok-CrossFit-Combine-Shoe-Women-01 Reebok-CrossFit-Combine-Shoe-Women-02 Reebok-CrossFit-Combine-Shoe-Women-03 Reebok-CrossFit-Combine-Shoe-Women-04 Reebok-CrossFit-Combine-Shoe-Women-05 Reebok-CrossFit-Combine-Shoe-Women-06 Reebok-CrossFit-Combine-Shoe-Women-07 Reebok-CrossFit-Combine-Shoe-Women-08

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