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April 20, 2016

The Tribal Games is a head to head fitness competition on stage, a lot like the CrossFit Open Announcements. However, to get to the stage you have to earn a spot… Check out these photos from the last event and sign up now to compete! The deadline to register is April 22!


About The Tribal Games
The Tribal Games was started in 2015 with the belief that head to head competition, live on stage within a well run event with high production value would be well received. After the first 2 events, demand to participate was so great that we decided to create an online component. The participants must complete three stages (or those that go all the way do). The Ascent, The Bracket and then, The Tribal Games.

The Ascent: This is an online competition that runs for 3 weeks. Every Monday a new work out is announced and participants have until Friday of that week to complete the work out and register their scores. The first work out must be completed and scores entered by 8pm Friday April 22nd and we have extended the registration deadline until that time. The top 16 men and 16 women continue on to….

The Bracket: Think March Madness but instead of basketball it’s strength and conditioning. The Bracket is a single elimination format which forces every competitor to give it their all or face elimination. #1 goes against # 16, #2 vs #15 seed and so on. To make things more interesting, each match up will have a unique workout that selected at random. This means, that it may not necessarily mean the overall fittest survives – the luck of the draw dictates each work out meaning every athlete has a chance depending on how their strengths and weaknesses align with the work out. The final 2 men and women continue to….

The Tribal Games: If you’ve gotten this far, you’ve earned a spot on our stage. The lights, the energy of the crowd and the thrill of competing for the championship title and over $2k in cash and prizes!

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All photos courtesy of The Tribal Games.


Tribal-Games-Competition-02 Tribal-Games-Competition-03 Tribal-Games-Competition-04 Tribal-Games-Competition-05 Tribal-Games-Competition-06 Tribal-Games-Competition-07 Tribal-Games-Competition-08 Tribal-Games-Competition-09 Tribal-Games-Competition-10 Tribal-Games-Competition-11 Tribal-Games-Competition-12 Tribal-Games-Competition-13 Tribal-Games-Competition-14 Tribal-Games-Competition-15 Tribal-Games-Competition-16 Tribal-Games-Competition-17 Tribal-Games-Competition-18 Tribal-Games-Competition-19 Tribal-Games-Competition-20

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