Rep Fitness: Functional Fitness Equipment Made by Enthusiasts

October 12, 2016

Rep Fitness: Functional Fitness Equipment Made by Enthusiasts


Two brothers, Ryan and Shane McGrotty started Rep Fitness initially to help CrossFit companies gain traction online, but after a few roadblocks they decided to look
into developing their own products. 

Starting with a small container of bumper plates, it was only a short six months before they had to move from a 1,200 sqft. shop into a 3,000 sqft. warehouse.

Now they have a 20,000 sqft. warehouse and also a retail store located in Denver.

So what sets them apart in the huge market of fitness equipment?

Rep Fitness goes the extra mile with the manufacturing process. When the McGrotty brothers were looking into creating their own products, they learned how little oversight there was by major companies when it came to manufacturing. Few of these companies were putting in the extra care to make sure that the products were actually coming out how they were intended.

As anyone can imagine, when you have 300 lbs over your head, you want the mental security of knowing your equipment won’t give out. You want your muscles to fail before your equipment does.

Rep Fitness has dedicated quality control inspectors that take the time to test each product before it’s shipped.

Going the extra step to make sure kettlebells don’t have snags or the plyo boxes edge doesn’t have any splintered edges are the difference between gains and injury.

With this kind of attention to detail, you’d expect that each product would cost an arm and a leg. However, that’s something Rep Fitness focused on fixing.

The McGrotty brothers have put in the same kind of dedication to make each piece affordable and long-lasting.

Rep Fitness CrossFit and Fitness equipment Break Parallel

It’s easy to come up with a cool new design and charge a huge premium, but it’s harder to take something like a bearing bar and figure out how to make it affordable.” Rep Fitness said.

We find gaps in the market and fill them in, or we ask ourselves, “why has it been done that way?” and if no one has a good answer, we improve it or offer something we think people will like.”

When you contact Rep Fitness with any questions, someone who actually knows about fitness will answer all of your questions. This might seem like such a small detail, but it matters when you’re discussing the best gear to hit your next PR.


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Rep Fitness took a basic economy rack design, then swapped out the rear top brace for a 2″ pullup bar. Same bracing function, but added utility of a pullup bar. Then we added plastic-lined j-cups, a bar catch off the front safeties, and numbered uprights. All things that have been done before, but not all at once on an inexpensive rack,


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