Rock Climbing Hottie Sierra Blair-Coyle Shows Off Her Fitness in 360 Degrees

October 22, 2015

Reebok just put out this dope interactive 360 degree video of rock climber Sierra Blair-Coyle. The story is cool and Sierra is hot, but the really sick part about this one is that you can grab the screen and drag it around to see the entire surroundings. Technology may be onto something here…

While climbing a wall, Sierra Blair-Coyle has to consider her next move from all angles, as the wrong move could mean anything from a slip to a plummet. Check out the skills of this professional rock climber in 360 degrees.

Having been climbing since the age of 8 and competing professionally since 14, Sierra has proven to be a prodigy. But don’t let her grace fool you. This type of skill isn’t innate; it’s earned. She’s trained her mind and body for years to become an award-winning rock climber and real life superhero. Sierra pushes her speed, strength, agility, and flexibility to their limits to dig into that next handhold and rise a few feet closer to the summit.

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Where others give up and let go, Sierra Blair-Coyle digs in and holds on tight. Whether gripping a ledge or holding fast to her mental resolve, it’s her determination that sets this rock climbing prodigy apart from other athletes.

Sierra first started climbing at the young age of 8. She found an outdoor wall at her local mall and was immediately hooked. “Something just clicked,” she says. “It was what I was supposed to be doing.”

At 16, she received devastating news. She had a bulging, torn, and herniated disc. Not only was Sierra’s injury extremely painful, but it also kept her away from her passion of rock climbing. The recovery was a slow process, but she held onto hope: “In my mind I think I always knew that I was going to be back to climbing.”

Today, Sierra Blair-Coyle continues to push herself beyond her boundaries by practicing deep-water soloing. This is a type of rock climbing that is done outdoors and above water to prevent injury from falling. With no ropes, harnesses, or crash pads, she has to both scale the wall and surmount her fears. But when she finally reaches the top? “You can’t ask for a better feeling.”



While we’re at it, here’s Sierra explaining how she uses negative pull-ups in her sport… Now that’s functional fitness, friends!

Arm strength is one of the most important qualities of a solid rock climber. While pull-ups are one of the best ways to improve arm strength, not everyone can perform them right away. Sierra Blair-Coyle shows you how to start off with negative pull-ups.

As the name indicates, negatives are basically the opposite of stand pull-ups. Start in a locked in position with your chin above the bar. Lower yourself down, the slower the better, until you’re elbows form a large, obtuse angle, but before they completely straighten out. Land back on the ground and repeat. The more you practice negatives, the easier they’ll become and you’ll eventually be able to move onto traditional pull-ups.

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