Rush Club 005 Live Tonight on FloElite

August 15, 2015

Tonight Rush Club 005 is going down in Phoenix, Arizona, with Sam Dancer facing off against Dan Pela in the main event. We really hope this competition series takes off and gets bigger! It’s such a sick concept and so fun to watch!

Unfortunately you have to sign up for FloElite’s Pro membership to watch the competition, which means we won’t be able to watch it because this site doesn’t make any money yet and we’re broke as shit. However, Instagram will no doubt be buzzing with the winners after the dust has settled, so we’ll keep you posted on who is crowned the champ.

Men’s Heavyweight: Sam Dancer vs. Dan Pela
Women’s Heavyweight: Jennifer Dancer vs. Sara Urban
Adaptive Athlete Upper: Logan Aldridge vs. Rocky Piwko
Men’s Middle Weight: Tommy Vinas vs. DJ Brimhall
Women’s Fly Weight: Lauren Corselli vs. Leslie Gray

DATE: Saturday, August 15, 2015
TIME: 8:00pm Central Time

Click here to sign up for FloElite and watch the event live.

Rush Club 005

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