Sam Briggs and Travis Stephenson (Who?) Win 16.3

March 15, 2016

Scores for 16.3 have been submitted and validated, and to no big surprise Samantha Briggs is at the top for the women… But who on Earth is Travis Stephenson who claims to have clocked 190 reps and the top spot on the men’s side of things?

We aren’t saying it’s impossible for an unknown name to do well at (or win) an Open workout, but given the fact that Travis posted scores that only got him in 24,191st and 29,513th place in the first two Open workouts this year, the score of 190 seems a little suspect. We will keep you posted when a video of those 190 reps from Travis surfaces…

We dug around online to find out what we could about Travis, and he seems to be an online business and marketing guy so we came to the conclusion that this score submission may be a wild stunt to funnel you into his online marketing webinars. Prove us wrong, Travis! Let’s see that video!

EDIT: Travis’ score was never validated and Devin Thaut (also…who?) won 16.3 with a score of 150?

For now, here’s what the current Leaderboard looks like both for the Open workout 16.3 and the overall standings after three weeks of the 2016 CrossFit Open.

Click here to see the scaled, masters, and teens versions of 16.3 along with the official standards, etc.

  2016 CrossFit Open Leaderboard | More info about the 2016 CrossFit Open

Scroll to the bottom to see a video interview from CrossFit HQ with Samantha Briggs about winning 16.3.

2016 CrossFit Open – 16.3 Women’s Results
CrossFit Open 16-3 Women Results

2016 CrossFit Open – 16.3 Men’s Results

CrossFit Open 16-3 Men Results

2016 CrossFit Open – Women’s Results as of Week 32016 CrossFit Open Week Three Womens Results

2016 CrossFit Open – Men’s Results as of Week 3

2016 CrossFit Open Week Three Mens Results


Games analyst Pat Sherwood catches up with 2013 Games champion Samantha Briggs to talk about her amazing performance on 16.3. She also gives her pick for who’s going to win it this week in 16.4, Katrin Davidsdottir or Sara Sigmundsdottir.

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