SFH Presents: How to Read Omega-3 Labels and Choose the Right Fish Oil

September 02, 2015

If you’re as confused as we are when it comes to trying to digest (pardon the pun) all the information out there about supplements, then this video from SFH will help you understand what you’re looking for in your Omega-3 and fish oil.

You’ve probably heard a lot about fish oil and/or omega-3 supplements. If you are health-conscious like we are, you think carefully about everything you put into your body. That means taking note of every ingredient in foods, drinks, medications and even skincare products. Supplements, such as omega-3 fish oil, are also an important part of staying healthy, and what they are made of is a major part of why they are good for you. Here is some information on why sourcing matters when it comes to fish oil.

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