Show Off Your Box Mascot vol. 4 – 25 Photos

March 14, 2016

It’s a proven scientific fact that having a dog in your gym will make you PR faster and more often than not having a dog in your gym. We can’t make this stuff up, people…

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CrossFit-Dog-27 CrossFit-Dog-28 CrossFit-Dog-29 CrossFit-Dog-30 CrossFit-Dog-31 CrossFit-Dog-32 CrossFit-Dog-33 CrossFit-Dog-34 CrossFit-Dog-35 CrossFit-Dog-36 CrossFit-Dog-37 CrossFit-Dog-38 CrossFit-Dog-39 CrossFit-Dog-40 CrossFit-Dog-41 CrossFit-Dog-42 CrossFit-Dog-43 CrossFit-Dog-44 CrossFit-Dog-45 CrossFit-Dog-46 CrossFit-Dog-47 CrossFit-Dog-48 CrossFit-Dog-49 CrossFit-Dog-50 CrossFit-Dog-51 CrossFit-Dog-52

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