SuperFit DC Official ReCap, Hosted at Trident CrossFit

October 03, 2016


14480665_1086539751382587_3305213027238911201_oOn September 24th, 250 CrossFit competitors in teams of two went head to head at the SuperFit games at Trident CrossFit in Alexandria, Virginia. The competition would test the fitness and teamwork of these athletes as they tackled 3 distinctly challenging workouts.14480722_1086520674717828_3003421655320323332_o


For the fourth year in a row, the SuperFit games were sold out, giving the event even more excitement and energy as the competitions started.14468680_1086536831382879_4377017231722530346_o


The first workout began with only 6 minutes on the clock. Athletes had to strategize their time to maximize their lifts, ensuring their hit their planned 1rm before time expired.  Male RX team Bromo Dragon Fly out lifted the competition with an astounding combined weight of 530 pounds.14409492_1086578461378716_2440481762962712095_o


The second workout of the day tested the engine of the competitor, with a heated AMRAP sure to test the sheer fitness of the competitors.  Putting the safety of the competitors first, SuperFit DC ultimately decided to replace the pull ups in workout #2 with box jumps.14525134_1086555781380984_5206821788956593415_o


The new second workout consisted of as many reps as possible within ten minutes of 25 wall balls, 25 box jumps, and 25 calorie rows.  Male RX Team-Body By Chipotle and Female RX team CrossFit Lorton took clocked the top scores in this event.


The sound of weights rattling and records being smashed filled the room as people cheered on the athletes. The close quarters of the gym made it even more exhilarating with everyone competing with only a few feet from each other.


The energy stayed high as the brutal third workout of the day gave competitors seven minutes to complete 50 alternating pistols, 25 clean/jerks, 50 alternating pistols, and 25 clean jerks. The Male/Female RX team beat the workout at an incredible 4:40.00.



Winners were announced and medals were given to all of the winners. The overall results by divisions:

Male/Male RX

Winner: #808 Crossfit PR Star

Bernabe Mejia

Kyle Millinger

Male/Female RX

Winner: #725 Team hammer down

Anthony Kurz

Katie Hanger

Female/Female RX

Winner: #602 Crossfit Lorton (2)

Male/Male Novice

Winner: #501 WOD We Do This?

Williams Alvarado

Emilson Hilario

Male/Female Novice

Winner: #316 Beast Mode then Feast Mode

Jace Howanitz

Jeremy Lundstorm

Female/Female Novice

Winner: #207 Kweens and Twerkers

Staci Pugh

Angela Carlberg

Male/Male Masters 40+

Winner: #402 Ardent we old

Ryan Fulwider

Gary Everhart

Female/Female Masters 40+

Winner: #103 Ardent Antiques.

Victoria Evans and Jennifer Weinfeld


If you want to attend or participate in a future SuperFit competition, another event is coming on October 8th, 2016 and you can register here:


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