SuperFit Games: Premier Events for Athletes and Spectators

September 20, 2016

SuperFit Games:  Premier Events for Athletes and Spectators

Your heart is throbbing. Your muscles are pulsing. The crowd is energizing. This is a SuperFit Games competition.


SuperFit Games plans and orchestrates premier functional fitness competitions. Having organized events from Florida to Delaware, Owner and maestro, Jamie Sulc carefully coordinates every detail of the events. In a world of backyard brawls and competitions which are unorganized, poorly scheduled and chaotic, Jamie brings professionalism to these weekend throwdowns.

Starting with the location, Jamie partners with local CrossFit boxes to facilitate the events. Sourcing the location is vital as it will dictate the logistics of the event, which is where SuperFit Games excels.

Jamie coordinates with the host box. He ensure volunteers and the site are competition ready. The judges are prepared to implement proper standards for the athletes.

All workouts are programmed specifically for the host location. The goal: challenging and competitive events which are safely administered and run on time. With many of these events hosting 200 athletes, it is no small feat to stay on schedule.

I first met Jamie in 2014 when I competed in SuperFit Delaware. It was a cold and snowy January day. That morning, we almost didn’t attend due to foul weather and Maryland’s notorious inability to manage Winter weather. It was a four person team (MMFF) and it was one of the best events I have participated in (not only because our team got 2nd). Knowing the roadway conditions that awaited our return trip, we were grateful for the tight organization and the professionalism of the crew.

Athletes of all skill level will appreciate the ability to enjoy SuperFit events. With RX, Novice and Masters divisions, you can find that division which challenges you in competition with your peers.


The next SuperFit games event is Superfit DC, being hosted September 24 in Alexandria, VA at Trident CrossFit. If you have never attended a premier fitness competition, this is your chance. SuperFit DC is sold out for competitor slots, but check out the schedule for premier events near you.



Fastest Dubs Ever!

Gratuitous video of my teammate killing the Double Unders in the SuperFit Delaware Finals

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