“I just train hard…” – Kill Cliff Catches up with Alex Anderson

March 21, 2016

Next up in Kill Cliff’s series of mini-interviews from ECC is Alex Anderson…

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“I kind of feel like I’m living the dream…” Kill Cliff Chats with Chyna Cho

March 18, 2016

Back with more interviews from the East Coast Championships that went down in January, Kill Cliff chats with Chyna Cho.

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“I now know what my 100% is…” Catching up with Kill Cliff’s Maddy Myers

March 15, 2016

Up next in the ECC interview series is Kill Cliff’s young phenom Maddy Myers…

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“Next year I want to podium…” Kill Cliff Catches up with Brooke Wells

March 14, 2016

Super Cleary caught up with Kill Cliff’s Brooke Wells at the ECC earlier this year where she was not shy about letting us know her intentions for the 2016 CrossFit Games season…

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Consistency is Key – Brook Ence is Ready for the CrossFit Open

February 09, 2016

Next up in Kill Cliff’s series of short interviews from ECC is Brooke Ence who sounds like she’s ready for this year’s CrossFit Open…

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Finding the Balance with Kill Cliff’s Sam Dancer

February 02, 2016

Sam Dancer took time away from the competition floor at ECC to talk about finding a balance in life…and what flavor of Kill Cliff he’s been hanging out with.

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55 Photos of the Hottest Women at the 2016 East Coast Championships

January 29, 2016

The 2016 ECC saw a ton of strong and talented female competitors, and a lot of them just so happened to be smokin’ hot too… Here’s to all the fit, badass babes that competed in Boston including Lauren Fisher, Brooke Wells, Sara Sigmundsdottir, and more!

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2016 Kill Cliff East Coast Championships – Live Webcast Replays

January 27, 2016

Another epic ECC has come and gone, but if you missed any of the individual competition on Saturday or team competition on Sunday then you can still watch the replay of the entire event.

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2016 East Coast Championships Teams – 45 Photos

January 26, 2016

Just as we promised, here are photos from the 2016 ECC team competition including Katrin Davidsdottir, Annie Thorisdottir, Chyna Cho, Sam Dancer, Christen Wagner, Emily Bridgers, and more…

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2016 East Coast Championships Individuals – 55 Photos

January 25, 2016

This weekend wrapped up one of the most renowned fitness competitions of the year and we have 55 photos from the individual action that went down on Saturday. Mat Fraser, Sara Sigmundsdottir, Brooke Ence, Noah Ohlsen, Maddy Meyers…

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Brook Ence Tells Her Bar to Suck It – 245b Clean and Jerk

January 25, 2016

The guys from Hookgrip were out at the East Coast Championships this weekend to document the “spotlight event” where athletes went for a one rep max clean and jerk. The first video up…? Brooke Ence’s epic “suck it” 245lb clean and jerk.

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Sara Sigmundsdottir and Squad Win ECC Team Division – Full Team Results

January 24, 2016

After winning the individual event yesterday, Sara Sigmundsdottir came back today to help her squad win the team competition. Nick Uranker, Travis Williams, and Kari Pearce all joined Sara on the podium, and Mat Fraser’s team ended up in second place.

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Mat Fraser and Sara Sigmundsdottir Win ECC… Again!

January 23, 2016

The defending champs of the East Coast Championships will remain the champs for yet another year. The competition was fierce today in Boston, and when the dust settled Mat Fraser and Sara Sigmundsdottir were both on top of the podium again.

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Kill Cliff East Coast Championship Free Live Stream

January 22, 2016

The ECC is one of the most anticipated functional fitness competitions of the year, and the entire event will be streamed live for free! Make sure to tun in and watch!

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January is a Big Month for Fitness Competitions… Get Ready for Wodapalooza, The Fittest Games, and East Coast Championships!

January 06, 2016

That’s right, three big competitors are coming at you this month before the CrossFit Open starts in February.

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2016 East Coast Championships Online Qualifying Now Open for Registration

September 17, 2015

The ECC is no doubt one of the most anticipated events of the year, and today they opened up registration for the online qualifier. The 2016 comp will hand out $100,000 in prize money so sign up now for your chance at a piece of the pie!

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