Gym Idiots is Back… And Ronnie Teasdale Makes an Appearance

June 01, 2016

The “Gym Idiots” series is back with more click bait and debauchery featuring people that are probably really nice humans doing silly things in the gym. This time Ronnie Teasdale makes an appearance as he snatches 75lbs while on a balance board.

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Wait for it… Epic 885b Back Squat Fail

January 22, 2016

What. The. Hell. Was. He. Thinking?!

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“Yes, you can do it… One more!” Hilarious Workout and CrossFit Fails Video

January 14, 2016

Most of these are not CrossFit, and half of these people are just dicking around and being stupid anyway, but there are still some solid gems in this video that are absolutely hilarious.

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Throwback Thursday – Remember When Everyone Ate Sh*t During the OCT Hurdle Event?

September 03, 2015

This is one of the best (or worst?) CrossFit fails videos we’ve ever seen, and it’s definitely worth throwing back to. If you don’t remember, here’s the gist: There was a hurdle event at the 2015 OC Throwdown where a ton of people busted their asses...

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26 Epic CrossFit Fails

May 30, 2015

We went back and forth between, “Oh sh*t!” and “You idiot!” just about every other clip in this one, but we definitely got some LOLs in along the way. Please take away this valuable lesson when watching this video: if you’re going to do something stupid or fail, make sure you film it!

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51 Fitness Fails – 9 Minutes of Faints, Falls, and Follies

May 10, 2015

Damn, that’s some good alliteration in the title there! Watching gym fails is a lot like watching your training partner do Fran. You want to look away so they can’t see you cringe, but you just can’t take your eyes off the situation.

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