Gut-Wrenching Slacklineing in the Utah Desert

December 01, 2015

If you’ve ever tried to walk across a slackline, then you know how absolutely mental this is… Watch these epic drone shots of Théo Sanson walking nearly 1,500ft between two plateau peeks in the Utah desert and try not to lose your lunch.

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Hold Your Breath… Mountain Biker Rides Across a Slackline 367ft Above the Alps

September 22, 2015

Red Bull’s Kenny Belaey shows us all the definition of balance (and balls) by riding his mountain bike across a 60ft slackline that is strung between two mountain peaks some 367ft above the French Alps.

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Cringe-Worth Video of the Day – Dude Slacklines 1,000ft Up With No Safety

August 13, 2015

Having balance is one thing. Having confidence is another. Then there’s just insanity… Spencer Seabrooke walked 200ft across a slackline that was nearly 1,000ft off the ground and set a world record.

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